About Us

 MV Photonics, Inc.,  a California company, focuses on providing photonics and telecom/fiber laser components and modules covering all major markets in USA and abroad. Our product portfolio includes free space optics (laser crystals, mirrors, grating etc), fiber optic products (with rich selection of PM, single mode, polarization insensitive and high power components), PM splicing service, optical coating service and other photonics solutions. We also offer custom fiber lasers and amplifiers design and prototyping. Our technical and sales team consists of motivated people with years of photonics industry experience with such industry giants as Allied Telesys and JDSU; therefore, MV Photonics is recognized as a technical and business partner with our customers. The company strength is in solid business relationships and high level of technical support to our customers.

MV Photonics is located in Mountain View, California (in the heart of Silicon Valley). The unique combination of our portfolio of products and our experienced engineering team allows MV Photonics to provide a total solution to our customers. Please contact us today with your photonics needs.